Make Your Own Sundial

In order to create your sun clock, you will need a few items:

  • scissors

  • 2 pieces of heavy cardboard

  • compass

  • pencil

  • ruler

  • glue

  • masking tape

  • compass

  • watch

  • Your Parent

Follow these steps to create your sun clock:

  1. Ask for your Parent's help.

  2. Cut one piece of the heavy cardboard into a 12-inch square.

  3. Place the compass at 6 inches, the midpoint of the 12-inch square. Draw a half circle from one corner to the other corner of the square.

  4. Draw a triangle on the second piece of cardboard. Use the ruler to measure 12 inches up from one corner. Turn the cardboard 90 degrees. Measure from the mark up 12 inches. Use the ruler to draw a line from one mark to the other. You should see a triangle with two 12-inch sides and one long side of just under 17 inches.

  5. Cut out the cardboard triangle.

  6. Use the glue and the masking tape to secure the 12-inch side of the triangle across the middle of the half-circle. This will divide the half-circle in directly in two.

  7. Take the sun clock outside on a sunny day. It is best to do this close to 12:00 P.M.

  8. Use the compass to point the cardboard triangle directly north. Look at the watch and mark where the shadow falls on the cardboard exactly at the hour mark.

  9. Come back every hour and mark where the shadow has fallen until the entire sun dial is marked.

  10. Now you can tell the time just by looking at the shadow on your sun clock.

Make Your Own Sundial II

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